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KTstyle Fest

Kris & Tao Fanworks Fest

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The first Fest Community for the K-Pop Boyband Group EXO - EXO-M Members Kris & Tao aka TaoRis
About The KTStyle
This is a Kris/Tao Fest community, therefore all promotion and creation of fanworks posted in this community should be focused on primarily the relationship between EXO-M Members and Rappers Kris & Tao. For those who prefer to ship other ships, please feel free to check out our Affiliates Link.

The Idols:

EXO-M Leader Kris
Full Name: Wu Yifan
Screen Name: Kris
[Fan-made] Nicknames: Duizhang, Dragon, Denim-ge
Birthdate: November 6, 1990
Role: Rapper / Visual / Leader
Fanclub: Fanqin

EXO-M AB Style Tao
Full Name: Huang Zitao
Screen Name: Tao
[Fan-made] Nicknames: Taozi, Panda
Birthdate: May 2, 1993
Role: Rapper / Wushu Master / EXO-M Maknae (Youngest)
Fanclub: Hailang
The Rules
1. Observe courtesy when commenting! No Flaming, or overt bashing of other pairings, kinks or other members of EXO, participants of the fest or other Fest Communities.

2. Since this a Fest Community and not a regular Support Group / Fanwork community, only the Moderators are allowed to post in the Community. You may ofcourse "Join" and "Follow" the community instead to view any updates to the Community.

If you are searching for a venue to search for Kris & Tao fics, or to promote your fic that is not related to the Fest nor is it a Prompt fill, again please feel free to check out our Affiliates Link.

3. Please refrain from commenting "Anonymously" unless otherwise needed for the Fest participation.

4. Please do not try to claim another author/artist’s work as your own. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in permanent banning. Should you witness any form of plagiarism done by any participant, please inform the Mods immediately.

5. During Reveals or when posting links in your comments, please do not link to content located elsewhere that is already dead or is impossible to join (such as MIA authors / artists, etc). If you are linking to content located elsewhere, one must be able to access it at all times. If it is going to be locked or deleted at any point in the future, you must indicate as so in your comment.

6. We accept requests for other Fest Promotions or Fic Exchanges Promotion, so long as they are related to EXO Members Kris and Tao, EXO as a group or K-Pop in general. Please contact the Mods and we will post the Promotion Banner for you.
About the 2014 Adaptations Fest
The 2014 Kris & Tao Adaptation Fest:

a·dapt - to make something (already existing) suitable for a new use or purpose; modify.

The Theme of the First Ever Kris/Tao Fest is "Adaptation", wherein you are to make a "modification" or "spin-off" of existing Movies, TV-Shows, Series, Novels, Storytales, Music Videos, Songs, etc. with the leading characters being Kris and Tao centering on their ever-budding relationship.

Follow Our Fest Schedule:
1 February 2014 - Prompting Opens
16 February 2014 - Prompting Closes
18 February 2014 - Claiming Opens
31 May 2014 - Claiming Closes/Submissions Due
(2 Weeks for last-minute Pinch Hitters)
16 June 2014 - Posting Starts!

For more details, please visit the Community Summary Page.
Check-out our fellow Fest Communities and Fan Sites dedicated to EXO!

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Disclaimer: All the fiction and art posted in this community is fanfiction or fanart. No money is made from the creation or sharing of these fanworks. No copyright infringement is intended. We do not own EXO-M Members Kris & Tao (even though we wish we did) nor any of the Idols appearing on any of the works produced in this Fest. EXO © SM Entertainment
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