[fic] Wanderer Wu Catches A Ghost

Title: Wanderer Wu Catches a Ghost(1)
Prompt: Mythology
Pairing: Tao/Kris
Sumary: Yifan is a wanderer. Nothing has ever stopped him from traveling from place to place, even at night, not even silly ghost folktales. But on the full moon night of Zhong Yuan Jie(2), Yifan learns that not all tales are false.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Scary spirits, mentions of blood, a bit of non-con roughness
Word count: 3,499

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[fic] No One Mourns The Wicked

Title: No One Mourns The Wicked
Prompt: Urban Legends – Maria Labo
Pairing(s): Kris / Tao
Summary: “It’s Saturday. The boys don’t go to school on Saturdays.”
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Grotesque theme
Word Count: 8,249
Notes: ktstylemod for the fantastic translation, mainly because I don’t even speak a lick of Filipino…

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