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[FIC] #008 - The Perfect Gentleman

Title: The Perfect Gentleman
Prompt: #90 – Yamato Nadeshiko
Pairing(s): Kris/Tao, Suho/Lay, Kai/D.O.
Summary: Suho, Kai, Luhan, and Kris live in a beautiful mansion, chaperone free, except for one little catch: if they want to stay there rent free, they have to turn the landlady’s nephew into a gentleman or else.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 7911
Author's Notes: so I may have tweaked parts of the story a bit…or a lot. I’m sorry but I kinda had fun with the idea a bit and just ran where my mind went

Kris, Suho, Kai, and Luhan sat in the living room, backs straight, hands in their lap, as the landlady smiled from her spot in front of them.

“So I expect you all to turn my nephew into a perfect gentleman. If you can do this, you guys can remain in this mansion rent-free. If not, I will triple your rent.”

“Yes, ma’am.” All four boys bowed their heads, Suho’s hand on the back of Kris’ head to make him bow respectfully as well.

“Great, he’ll be here soon so I hope you guys get to work quickly. Toodles~” The landlady waved her fingers at the four before going out to the backyard where her helicopter was waiting to take her off to her latest boyfriend’s home.

“Finally, she’s gone.” Kris relaxed, hands coming to rest behind his head.

“So how bad do you think this nephew is if the landlady is asking us to turn him into a perfect gentleman?”

“And why would she come to us? Doesn’t she know us at all? I thought she would with all her connections. How could she trust us to turn her nephew into a gentleman?”

“Oh come on, I bet he isn’t that bad.”

At that moment, the front door opened, signaling the arrival of said guy.

Luhan immediately screamed and scrambled to hide behind Kai, who had a slightly bored but apprehensive look on his face. Suho raised an eyebrow but said nothing. Kris did nothing, just looked at the dark blob that stood in the doorway.

“Is this even a person?” Kris reached out and poked it.

“Ah!” Luhan fell backwards as the blob shifted away and scurried down the hallway. The sound of a door slamming was heard a few moments later.

“Well…that was…unexpected.” Suho sighed as he stood up, brushing imaginary lint of his clothes. “This might be a bit more difficult than we thought.”

“We thought nothing. How is that even a person? That was just some blob or something. I don’t even know but I’m scared.” Luhan shivered, standing behind Kai who rolled his shoulder to remove Luhan’s hand.

“Eh, he’s probably not used to this place. I think the landlady mentioned it had been a while since her nephew visited. Give him time and then we can start on this whole ‘turn him into a gentleman’ process.” Kris stood up and stretched his arms. “If that’s it, I’m going to take a nap. Wake me when dinner is ready.”

Tao huddled beneath his sheets, body curled into a fetus position as he tried to relax. It had been hell, making the trip from his home in the mountains to the city and to the giant mansion his aunt lived in. His parents and aunt thought it would be good for him if he had a change of scenery, to help him break out of his shell. So before he could start school, his parents had shipped him off to go to school in the city. What his parents didn’t understand was that strangers scared him. Ever since a failed attempt at making friends with the people at school, Tao retreated into himself and his world of books, movies, and Internet. They soon became his greatest friends, allowing him to go anywhere, be anyone, without fear of rejection or teasing. This whole move and change was not helping at all.

What was worse was that his parents and aunt never told him that he would be sharing the mansion with four of the hottest guys he had ever seen.

If there was anything Tao feared more than strangers, that was hot strangers. And to now be living with four of the most gorgeous specimen was not helping him break out of his shell. In fact, it was making him retreat more into it, not wanting to leave the room at all.

If it weren’t for the fact that his stomach was grumbling so loudly it could shake the walls, Tao would’ve stayed in his room. But he couldn’t ignore his stomach and so, keeping the blanket wrapped tightly around him, he slowly made his way towards the kitchen in search of something to eat.

“Hey, what is that smell?” Luhan sniffed the air.

Suho put down his book and sniffed the air as well. “Hmm…I’m not sure but it smells delicious.”

Luhan, Suho, and Kai made their way towards the kitchen, where the smell was coming from. They found a black blob at the stove, something frying in a pan. On the counter next to them were plates piled high with food. There was fried chicken, grilled pork, tofu soup, sauté vegetables, and steak. The rice cooker had a huge pot of rice warming with a sizable chunk missing, which had been used for the sushi set next to it. A ding from the oven signaled whatever was baking or cooking was finished. The blob bent down and pulled out three different sized pans. Working at what seemed to be lightning speed, the contents were removed, stacked, and decorated into a beautiful three-layer cake.

Tao turned around and shrieked, huddling further into his sheets.

“Did…Did you make all of this?”

Tao shivered, but slowly nodded his head.

“That…That’s amazing. Can…Can we have some?”

Tao looked at the piles of food. He had been hoping to eat it all himself but it would be rude not to share. He gave a curt nod and began moving items towards the large dining room table. Suho, Luhan, and Kai hurried to help him. It took several times but soon all the food was laid out on the table. Five places were set: chopsticks, spoon, plate, cup, and bowl of rice.

Everyone took a spot, Tao sitting a bit further away from the others. As everyone began filling his plate and bowl with food, Kris came strolling in. He lazily flopped into his chair.

“What’s all this?”

“Dinner, made by him.” Kai pointed towards Tao who kept his head down as he devoured his food.

Kris just shrugged his shoulders and grabbed a piece of steak. He placed it in his mouth and instantly a moan of satisfaction slipped out. He then began gathering up all the food he could.

Kai, Suho, and Luhan just stared as Kris essentially devoured the entire meal. Tao saw what was going on and immediately retaliated, gathering all the food he could grab. Soon the only thing left was the three-layer cake.

With a loud screech, Tao jumped out of his seat and snatched the entire plate before Kris could get to it. Settling into the corner, body protectively covering the cake, he hissed and growled at Kris who was trying to get close enough to swipe a taste.

Kai, Suho, and Luhan stared in disbelief, not sure what was happening.

“Um…uh guys…?”

Kris and Tao ignored Suho. They were still trying to battle for the cake.

“Yo guys!” Kai walked over and smacked Kris on the head. Kris snarled at him but Kai didn’t even flinch.

“Yo, chill man. What’s the big deal about fighting over a cake?”

Kris growled. “No one gets between me and my food.”

“Uh this time, we will. Don’t be scaring the new guy.” Kai grabbed Kris’ arm to pull him away.

Kris scoffed, throwing Kai’s arm off of him. “The new guy can defend for himself. See?”

Everyone turned to see Tao gone, the plate with the cake empty except for a few crumbs.


Tao laid down on his bed, rubbing his stomach in satisfaction. It had been a decent meal, better if he had been able to eat all that he had cooked, but the dessert made up for it.

Luhan walked towards the new guy’s room and slipped a note under the door. He wasn’t expecting a reply and jumped a little when the note slipped back out. He opened it and smiled.

Hi, my name is Luhan. What’s your name?

Luhan skipped down the steps, happy to have made a small step forward.

Suho knocked on Tao’s door. “Hello? Tao? Do you want to come out and hang with us?”

A piece of paper came out from under the door.

No, thank you.

Suho sighed but walked away.

After a few days cooped up in his room, Tao decided it was time to explore the house and get reacquainted with everything. He had left his room to make dinner for everyone, quickly eating alone before leaving everything on the table for the others, but he had little interaction with them and preferred to keep it that way.

As he wandered down the many hallways, he took note of the messes left behind. Most of the east wing was left unused; everyone was living in the west wing. When he returned to his room, he grabbed his apron and bandana. Tying his hair back with the bandana, Tao put his apron on and went in search of cleaning supplies. He found them right in the large supply closet right by the washing machines. Grabbing all he could hold, he started from the east wing to the west wing, washing, dusting, and vacuuming.

Suho came out of his room when he heard the vacuum and stared as Tao worked diligently to clean the house. Luhan poked his head out a few moments later and stared.

“Uh Tao…?”

Tao jumped and ran away, leaving all the supplies behind. Luhan and Suho looked at each other confused.

Tao ran and ran until he bumped into something hard and warm. He fell down, rubbing his nose. When he looked up, Kris and Kai towered over him. He shrieked and curled in on himself.

“Yo, what’s the matter with him?” Kai peered down at the ball that was Tao. He gently poked him.

Tao shivered and curled up further.

“Yo, get over yourself.” Kris leaned down and tried to pull Tao apart. Tao held on tight, refusing to leave his ball of safety.

“Tao…I have some cake here for you.” Luhan smiled, holding out a box.

Tao immediately sprang up, knocking his head into Kris’ chin, but he wasn’t even aware of the pain as he followed Luhan like a puppy.

Kris just stared at Luhan quietly chatting with Tao as Tao devoured the cake. He seemed a lot more amicable with the cake. Luhan gently patted Tao’s head. Tao froze but slowly relaxed when he realized Luhan wasn’t going to hurt him. Luhan beamed and continued to chatter on and on.

Kai patted Kris’ shoulder. “You okay, man?”

“What is he?” Kris looked at Tao more confused than before.

Suho knocked on Tao’s door. “Hey Tao, you ready to head to school?”

After a few weeks of Tao living in the house, the four guys had made a new routine to fit him in. It seemed Tao like Luhan best, thanks to the constant cake he bought for a week to coax Tao out of his room, but he had warmed up to Suho too. He was still a bit wary of Kai, after the bedroom incident, and Tao avoided Kris at all costs.

With slow steps, Tao opened his door and slipped out, shutting the door tightly behind him. No one was allowed in his room except him. Luhan had tried once but one glare was all it took to stop him from trying again.

Tao adjusted his backpack and nodded. Silently following behind Suho, the two headed towards the foyer where the others were.

“Ready for school?”

“Like we’re ever ready. I just hope it goes better than last time.” Kai clutched his bag tighter.

“Oh puh-lease Kai. We know you love the attention.”

“Yeah but not that kind of attention.” Kai shivered.

“Don’t worry. Things can’t be that bad.” Luhan, ever the optimist but always the first to cry, smiled.

Suho, Kai, Luhan, and Kris stared in disbelief as they walked to school. All their admiring fans had stepped back when Tao walked before them. Tao had a very dark aura surrounding him that seemed to scare many people. Most of the bystanders were whispering amongst each other but Tao seemed oblivious, keeping his head down as he walked.

“Suho!” Someone stepped from the crowd, skipping their way towards them. It was Yixing, one of the sweetest guys on campus. Everyone knew he had a crush on Suho except for Suho himself.

“Hi Suho,” Yixing beamed at him, “how are you today?”

“Oh uh fine, Yixing-ssi.”

Yixing pouted a little before turning and catching sight of Tao. He didn’t even flinched, just widened his smile and walked right up to him. “Hi, my name is Yixing. What’s yours?”

Tao flinched a bit but looking into Yixing’s bright face, he cracked a small smile and accepted the hand Yixing held out to him. “Tao.”

Suho, Kai, and Luhan openly gaped as Yixing linked arms with Tao and lead him through the gates. Kris just gave a small scoff and headed towards his class.

Yixing smiled as he sat across from Tao at an outdoor café. Both of them were free for a while so Yixing took this chance to get to know the new kid on campus everyone was whispering in slight fear about. He sipped his drink and stared at Tao who was still very shy, keeping his face down as he stirred his spoon around.

“So what brings you here, Tao?”

“Oh uh…my parents wanted me to and so yeah…”

“They wanted you to break out of your shell so they sent you away to somewhere totally unfamiliar, hoping it would help, but instead it’s made you shier, right?” Yixing beamed as Tao stared slightly open-mouth at him.

“Um…uh that’s right. I-I didn’t-“

“Oh don’t worry. I won’t say anything but I can be your friend right?”

“Oh um sure.” Tao blushed a little as he nodded his head.

“Great, so can I ask you a favor? Sorry if I’m being too forward but I think subtleties are over now.”

Tao tilted his head in confusion.

“So everyone but Suho knows about my giant crush on him. I was wondering if you could give me any inside tips since I know you’re living with him.” Yixing smiled as he rested his head on his hands.

“Oh um…uh…I’m not sure if I know any inside tips but if you’d like, you could come over for dinner tonight and see for yourself.”

“Really? Oh thank you.” Yixing came over and threw his arms around Tao, hugging him tightly. Tao froze but relaxed a bit, even bringing up a hand to gently place it on Yixing’s back.

A few feet away, concealed in the bushes, Luhan, Suho, Kai, and Kris were staring at the two.

“I can’t believe he warmed up to Yixing just like that. I had to buy him cake for a week just to get him to talk to me.” Luhan pouted as he looked at Yixing and Tao talking together. Tao had warmed up and even treated Yixing to a small smile that had the boy grinning wider.

“Is this really the same guy that’s been living with us?” Kai stared in disbelief. “Kris, Kris, what do you think?”

“I don’t even know why you dragged me here. He’s none of my concern.”

“Puh-lease, do you remember what the landlady said?”

Kris rolled his eyes. “And what have you guys done so far to turn him into a gentleman? As far as I’m concerned, he’s a lost cause.”

“Oh please, I know you wanna live there rent free. Remember all the other jobs you’ve gotten? And you only lasted like a week max.” Kai stuck his tongue at Kris.

“Oh fine, fine. But do you guys have any plan on how to turn him into a gentleman or what?”

“Well we could get Yixing to help. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind helping. Anything to spend more time with him.” Kai grinned as Suho looked at him confused.

Yixing walked hand in hand with Tao back to his home. Tao had been a bit uneasy about that but had warmed up to it with a bright smile from Yixing. Yixing gaped when Tao stopped in front of a huge mansion. “You guys live here?”

Tao gave a small smile. “Yeah, come on.”

He gently tugged on Yixing’s hand and led him inside.

Suho, Kai, and Luhan followed from a safe distance. Kris was walking with them but had no care about being spotted or not. One of the other three had to hide him when Yixing or Tao turned around.

“I can’t believe Yixing had such an easy time getting so close with Tao. That still bugs me.” Luhan pouted.

“Eh it’s fine. This will make our plan easier. Now you remember what to do, right Suho?” Kai smiled at Suho who gave a nod. “Alright, so let’s go in.”

“Wait, shouldn’t we give them some time alone first?”

“What are you talking about?” Kai and Suho looked at Luhan confused. The three hadn’t notice when Kris just walked away. Everyone jumped at the loud slam of the front door, Suho, Kai, and Luhan behind Kris and Yixing and Tao in the foyer.

“What the hell, Kris? If you damaged the house, you’re going to have to pay.” Kai growled, pushing past Kris to check the damage to the wall. Luckily, it was minimal, just a small dent. “You better hope the landlady doesn’t hear about this.”

“Oh uh…hold on.” Everyone turned to see Tao moving away but returning a few moments later. He walked over to the dented wall and with a few quick swipes, had the dent filled and looking like new.

Everyone gaped at him. “Oh my gawd, why weren’t you in our lives before?”

Luhan and Kai squished Tao between them as Suho looked a bit awkwardly at them. He did smile gratefully at Tao who looked a bit scared. Yixing just watched them amused while Kris looked slightly disgusted.

“What’s so special about him? So he fixed the wall.”

“Yeah, but can you do that? No you can’t, and you’re the one that destroys this house the most. Even more than Kai and his wild sex parties.”

Yixing covered his mouth in surprise as his eyes twinkled with mischief.

“And that fact is not to be repeated, alright Yixing?”

Yixing beamed at Luhan. “Of course not. If Suho asks me nicely.”

Five pairs of eyes turned to look at Suho who shifted uncomfortably from all the attention. “Uh um…yeah, uh what Luhan said. Could you not repeat what he said?”

Yixing walked over to Suho. He placed a light hand on Suho’s arm and beamed up at him. “For you, of course.”

Suho nervously swallowed and shifted his feet a bit. “Uh alright, since that’s uh settled, why don’t we all just go to the living room?”

“Sure. You’re making dinner again, right Tao?”

Tao nodded. “I just need to go buy some ingredients.”

“Kris, it’s your turn to go with him. We’ve all been with him, even Kai, and now it’s your turn. You can do it in return for him patching up that hole you made, so you now owe him.” Luhan flopped down on the couch. Suho carefully sat down on the other couch with Yixing sitting right next to him. Kai plopped into one of the armchairs. All turned to look at Kris who huffed but obediently followed Tao out the door.

“So is it just me or do you guys not realize Kris has a thing for Tao?” Yixing smiled into the shocked silence following his question.

Keeping silent, Kris walked a step behind Tao who refused to acknowledge his presence. They were heading towards the local market. Many people would look up and give a little smile, waving towards Tao who shyly waved back. Then some people would look behind him and gawk a little at Kris.

Kris was surprised to see Tao opening up a little as they strolled through the streets. Many of the street vendors were on friendly terms with him, something he didn’t think would happen given Tao’s appearance.

Tao stopped several times along the way, accepting little bags of food from people. A few children even stopped to talk to Tao, who crouched down to be closer to their height. Tao reached into his pocket and gave each child a small piece of candy. One little girl seemed to cling onto Tao a moment longer. Tao lifted her up and tossed her in the air once before setting her back down. She giggled and ran back to her parents’ shop.

Kris wasn’t sure how he felt seeing this new side of Tao. He followed close behind as Tao bought grocery after grocery. He was handed several bags to hold as Tao also bought new supplies for the house. After visiting a few more stores, Tao declared it was time to go home.

“Ready to go home?” Tao gave Kris a shy smile.

“Yes. You sure you bought enough stuff?” Kris grinned, not one to resist teasing someone when given the chance.

Tao blushed and just turned away. “Come on.”

When Tao and Kris returned home, they were surprised to find the house empty except for a note on the table.

Sorry Tao but I decided to treat the others to dinner so you’ll just have to cook for Kris and yourself. I’ll try your cooking some other time. I’ve heard it was delicious, but it’ll be a date for next time, alright? Just enjoy cooking for yourself and Kris. It shouldn’t be too hard. – Yixing

Tao hurried to the kitchen, leaving the note behind on the table.

“So where is everyone else?”

“Uh…Yixing took them out to eat.”

“Oh great, that means I get all this food to myself.” Kris grinned as he settled down into a chair.

Tao said nothing as he put on his apron. He put the groceries away and grabbed what he needed to cook.

Kris smiled, enjoying the smells and sounds of cooking.

Tao came out some moments later with a few plates of food. He made several trips, bringing out at least 10 different plates of food.

Kris rubbed his hands together, excited to eat, but frowned when he didn’t see a place setting for him. “Hey!”

“Oh, I’m sorry, were you hungry?” Tao leveled a gaze at Kris, which shocked him, as Tao had never looked him in the eye before or ever.

“Um…yeah. I mean it would be nice if I could eat too.” Kris’s bottom lip jutted out a bit in a small pout.

Tao didn’t even react, just grabbed some food and proceeded to eat.

Kris frowned, not use to being ignored. As much as he loved the lack of attention, he found he didn’t like to be ignored by Tao. With a huff, Kris got up and headed towards the kitchen, grabbing himself some utensils and a bowl of rice. He came back out and sat down but whenever he tried to get a piece of food, Tao whacked his chopsticks away. This went on for a while until almost all the food was gone.

“Well, I’m full. You can eat the rest I guess.” Tao smiled as he began to clean up.

Kris frowned. “You could’ve shared, you know?”

“Why should I share with a lazy ass like you?” The sound of running water could be heard as Tao began to wash the dishes.

Kris grumbled and huffed but could say nothing. He cleaned up his spot after he finished, actually bringing the dishes to Tao who was still washing dishes. Tao looked a bit surprised but gave him a small smile in return. Kris wanted to shock him even more, so he rolled up his sleeves and joined Tao at the sink.

Tao didn’t say anything but moved aside a bit to let him help out a bit.

Yixing and the others were watching through the window. After their dinner, they came back early and decided to spy on the two. They had seen everything, from Tao denying Kris food to Kris actually helping Tao with a chore, something the other three had never seen happen before.

“See? I told you.” Yixing beamed at the others.

“Yeah well this doesn’t really prove anything.”

“It proves something if Kris is willing to make little concessions like this.” Yixing shivered and snuggled close to Suho who looked surprised but didn’t move away.

“So uh…when can we go inside? It’s getting cold out here and I’m hoping to warm up with a few friends.” Kai smirked.

The others rolled their eyes. “Fine, we can go inside. They’re not doing anything exciting.”

The door opened with a bang. Tao and Kris jumped right before Yixing ran over and hugged Tao from behind.

Tao froze but slowly relaxed when he saw Yixing’s beaming face. Only Yixing heard the slight growl coming from Kris. His grin widened as he held Tao tighter.

“Come on, Tao, let’s go to your room.”

“Oh no, no, no, no, no. No one goes into my room.” Tao struggled from Yixing’s embrace, pushing him so hard he fell against Suho walking into the kitchen. Tao’s face paled but he quickly high-tailed it out of there.

Everyone just stood in shock.

“What just happened?”

Despite the incident, Yixing was a new addition to the household, coming over every day and sometimes staying on the weekends, much to everyone’s joy. Suho was on the receiving end of much teasing as a giggly Yixing snuggled against him. Having another guy in the house didn’t make much of a difference but the other four saw more of Tao, thanks to Yixing.

Tao was slowly opening up, getting sassier (something no one suspected) and smiling more. And everyone else was helping out around the house, even Kris, though he had his moments of bratdom, normally when Tao was around.

Yixing smiled from his perch on the couch. “So any plans for today?”

Everyone except for Kai was lounging in the living room. Kris was in his lone armchair placed in the corner, courtesy of Tao after one of their fights. Tao was stretched out on a couch with Yixing and Suho occupying the other.

“Not really. Did you have something planned?” Suho’s hand was lazily stroking through Yixing’s hair.

At that moment, the doorbell rang, surprising everyone. They looked at one another.

“Did you invite someone over?”

Yixing moved towards the door to answer it but somehow Tao arrived there first. Everyone stood behind him, trying to peek out.

A petite, innocent looking boy stood on the front step with a small smile. “Hi, is Jongin here?”

“Jongin?” A look of confusion passed over everyone. The boy giggled. “I mean Kai. Is he here?”

“Kai? Why are you looking for Kai?”

“He’s late for our date so I came to pick him up.”


There was a knock on Kai’s door. “I told you not to disturb me now.”

Another knock. “I said DON’T DISTURB ME!”

Another knock. Kai huffed and walked to the door, throwing it open. His face paled. “K-K-Kyungsoo?”

“May I come in?”

Kai looked behind him. “Uh…”

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Kyungsoo pushed open the door, not flinching at the sight that greeted him. The room was a mess: clothes thrown everywhere, a few unmentionables on the floor, laptop paused on a video. He found a chair amidst the chaos, cleared it of its contents, and gingerly sat down, crossing his legs primly.

Kai stood awkwardly by the door, unsure of what to do. “So…so what brings you here, Kyungsoo?”

“You missed our date.”

Kai scoffed as he sat down on his bed. “You mean that date our parents arranged? Aren’t you a little old to be listening to your parents?”

“Aren’t you a little too old to be rebelling still?” Kyungsoo smiled serenely at Kai.

“How did you know where I was?”

Kyungsoo giggled. “Well…since I’ve seen all I want to, I guess I’ll get going.”

Kyungsoo got up and headed towards the door. He opened it to find Yixing and Luhan standing by the door. He smiled brightly at them and walked past.

Before he could reach the door, Yixing found his mind and hurried after him. Yixing caught Kyungsoo right as he reached for the handle.

“Hey, I know we didn’t get to properly meet so why don’t you hang out with me? And Tao, just some little guy time.” Yixing had grabbed a hold of Tao on his way to catch Kyungsoo.

“Some guy time?” Kris looked at them in disbelief. “Aren’t we all guys?”

Yixing waved him off. “Now come on. Let’s go bonding. I wanna know your relationship with Jongin~”

The three headed out the door to the disbelief and slight shock of the other four.

Yixing paused at the gate. “You came in THAT?!?!?!”

A stretch limo with a familiar logo on its hood was waiting at the gate. The chauffeur stepped out of the car and opened the door. “My lord…”

“Lord?!?!?” Yixing gaped at Kyungsoo who just smiled serenely at him.

“Please, let us take my car.” Kyungsoo slipped inside and patted the space next to him. Yixing and Tao looked at each other a moment before sliding in.

The limo took them to the rich part of town and to a very classy restaurant. The three were shown into a private room. No menu was given, just trays after trays of food where they could take their pick.

“Wow…this is so nice.” Yixing smiled.

“Oh thank you. I hope you enjoy it. It gets lonely eating alone sometimes.”

“Do you eat alone often?” Yixing gave Kyungsoo a sympathetic smile.

“Sometimes. My parents are very busy and since I no longer require a nanny, I’m usually left to my own devices which I like but I guess it does get lonely.”

“Oh well, you have me now for a friend and Tao. I’m great at making and keeping friends. I befriended Tao who everyone feared but he’s a total sweetie and cutie.” Yixing beamed as he took a bite of his food.

“Thanks. I like you guys too.” Kyungsoo’s cheeks flushed a light shade of pink.

“Oh you’re so cute.” Yixing came over, hugging Kyungsoo in a tight hug. “So how do you know Kai…or well Jongin as you called him?”

“Oh our parents are friends and well we’re actually betrothed.”

“What?!?!?!” Yixing gaped open-mouthed at Kyungsoo. “But-but Kai…he-he…”

“I know.” Kyungsoo stirred his spoon around his soup. “But I don’t mind. He’s still rebelling but he’ll probably come around soon. I can be patient for something I want.”

Yixing gasped and hugged Kyungsoo tighter. “Oh, I feel your pain. I understand. I waited years to get Suho and finally got him. So hold on, I know you’ll get your man.”

Kyungsoo gave a shy smile. “Thanks.”

Suho was pacing around the living room as Kai sat in a chair, nervously twitching his foot. Luhan, lying on the couch, was reading a magazine while Kris lounged on the other couch.

The sound of the front door opening echoed through the house. All four guys got up and rushed to the door before slowing down so as not to reveal their real emotions.

Yixing, Kyungsoo, and Tao were all laughing as they came through the door.

“Well I had a lovely time tonight. We have to do it again.”

“Yes, we will. Well, good night.” Kyungsoo came over, kissing Yixing and Tao on the cheek.

“Good night, Kyungsoo.” Yixing gave a little finger wave.

“Night, Kyungsoo.” Tao smiled and waved.

Kyungsoo waved and left. Yixing and Tao turned to find Kris, Suho, Luhan, and Kai staring at them.

“Well I’m tired, aren’t you, Tao? Let’s go to bed. Night, boys~” Yixing waved, linked arms with Tao, and headed off to bed.

“So Suho, it’ll be up to you to get an answer, right? Night.” Kai clapped Suho on the shoulder and headed off to bed.

“Um…” Suho watched as the other three headed off to bed. He heaved a small sigh and headed to bed where Yixing was probably already waiting for him.

Everything was going well for the group. Kyungsoo came around every so often to hang with Yixing and Tao. Kai was normally gone whenever Kyungsoo came around unless Kyungsoo took Yixing and Tao out. A few times, Kris and Tao were pushed alone together in the hopes of something happening but to the disappointment of the others, nothing ever did, unless you count endless hours of Kris being a brat to Tao or the two fighting over food like children. The group had fun together, creating great memories.

Then the call came that changed everything.

“Hello? Oh hi there, landlady. Oh um, yes, everything is going well. What? A party? Tomorrow night? Oh yes, yes, yes your nephew is a perfect gentleman. Uh what time? Oh yes. Okay, yes. We will be there. Yes, no, no worries. We’ll meet you there. Yes, of course. Okay. Bye now.” Suho hung up the phone and just stood there for a while. Luhan and Yixing found him that way ten minutes later.

“Suho, sweetie? Is everything alright?”

“The landlady just called. She’s having a party tomorrow night and wants to show off her perfect gentleman of a son.”

“What?!?!?! But we haven’t – omg, what are we going to do?” Luhan started running around the room in a panic.

“What are you talking about?” Yixing calmly took a seat on the couch.

“Oh…uh…well the landlady is Tao’s aunt and she asked the four of us to turn her nephew into a perfect gentleman. If we do, we live here rent-free. If we don’t, she triples the rate.”

“Ah…” Yixing gave a small smile. “And I take it you forgot about this little job until now?”

Suho and Luhan gave him a sheepish smile. Yixing just laughed and got more comfortable on the couch. “So how are you going to tackle this latest problem?”

“Um…uh…with your help?” Luhan and Suho gave Yixing pleading looks.

“I’ll make the call.” Yixing whipped out his phone and dialed a number.

The front door rang in a few moments. Yixing ran to the door and let Kyungsoo in. “Hi, can you help with a little problem?”

“Sure. What?”

“Turning Tao into a gentleman for his aunt’s party tomorrow.”

“Oh…” Kyungsoo’s mouth formed an ‘o’. “Well let’s call him out and get started.”

“Tao! Tao!” Yixing knocked on Tao’s door. “Come on out.”

“Huh?” Tao opened the door, blanket wrapped around himself, hair mussed up from sleep.

“Come on, Tao. We have a long day planned.” Yixing and Kyungsoo beamed at him.

“Oh alright, give me a moment.” Tao shut the door, quickly changed, and came back out. “So what’s this long day planned?”

Yixing and Kyungsoo wore matching grins. “Turning you into a gentleman.”


Yixing and Kyungsoo pounced before Tao could run away.

The two had taken Tao to a spa to get ready and relaxed. Yixing and Kyungsoo had stripped down easily but Tao shied away, huddling in a corner.

“Come on, Tao. You need to undress.”

Tao vehemently shook his head.

“Come on, Tao. Undress or we’ll do it for you.”

Tao’s eyes widened as Yixing and Kyungsoo advanced on him. They gaped in shock as they pulled Tao’s clothes away to reveal the toned muscles beneath.

“OMG! Why didn’t you tell us you had such a nice body? This is so unfair.” Yixing cried while poking at one of Tao’s abs.

Tao flinched away, holding his hand over his stomach. “No, don’t touch me.”

“Tao, it’s alright. We’re just admiring your body. It’s really nice. Don’t be scared.” Kyungsoo gently stepped closer to Tao. “Why can’t we appreciate it?”

“No…I’m…I’m ugly.”

Yixing and Kyungsoo gaped at him. “What? But you’re so…”

Tao huddled back in the corner. “Everyone kept talking about me so I just…yeah…”

“Oh Tao, if they talked, it was in jealousy. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Let us help you and you’ll see.” Yixing and Kyungsoo gently pulled Tao from his corner. “Let’s start with a massage to get you relaxed first.”

Tao allowed Yixing and Kyungsoo to lead him around the spa. The massage had been very relaxing, getting rid of tension he hadn’t known he had. As they moved around, whenever Tao felt uncomfortable with the staring, Yixing and Kyungsoo were there to comfort him. The three had a mud bath, a sauna, and a facial in addition to the massage at the beginning. When they finished, Tao was feeling very refreshed.

“Good, step one is complete. Now clothes.” Yixing’s eyes glittered. “Time to dress you.”

Tao was thrown outfit after outfit, as Yixing and Kyungsoo approved or unapproved of each choice. Finally the right outfit was chosen to both Yixing and Kyungsoo’s approval. Tao had little say, as he knew nothing about fashion since he normally wore the same thing over and over.

“Alright, and now for the last and hardest step, manners.” Yixing and Kyungsoo wore matching grins as they stared at Tao’s shocked and slightly fearful face.

Tao gritted his teeth as Yixing and Kyungsoo ran him through manner drills. The others, mainly Suho and Luhan, had been called in to help as well. Kai had disappeared to who knows where and Kris was staying holed up in his room, refusing to be a part of this though the outcome affected him.

“Come on, Tao. It’s not that bad. We know you can behave well…with a few little quirks. Just be patient.” Yixing heaved a large breath. “Now let’s try again.”

Yixing, Kyungsoo, Suho, and Luhan were collapsed on various pieces of furniture around the living room when Kai and Kris came in.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Kris collapsed onto an empty chair. Kai spotted Kyungsoo and started backing away.

“Oh, stop that, Jongin. You don’t have to run every time I’m here.” Kyungsoo stood up. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow night,” he checked his watch, “well tonight. Bye.”

Everyone waved as Kyungsoo left. Kai collapsed onto an empty space. “So why are you guys all so tired?”

“Well, if you had been here, you would know. So you’ll just have to wait and see like everyone else.” Luhan stuck his tongue out at the two. “Now as comfortable as it is here, I’d rather sleep in my bed. Need to be well rested for the party tonight the landlady is hosting.”

Kai and Kris’ curses echoed in the space as everyone headed off to sleep.

Everyone was waiting in the foyer. Kris glanced at his watch. “Where’s Tao? He’s the last one. We can’t be late or the landlady will have our head.”

“Why don’t you go to his room and check?” Yixing smiled at Kris. Kris didn’t trust that look but time was ticking. He headed down the halls towards Tao’s bedroom and knocked.

“Hey Tao, are you ready? We’re going to be late if we don’t leave now.”

“Alright, alright. I’m coming. I’m just having a bit of trouble.” Tao opened the door and came out, closing it tight as one hand fiddled with his bowtie.

Kris’ mouth fell open slightly, unused to see Tao dressed so nicely. His hair had been slicked back away from his face, showing off his forehead nicely. The suit fit to his body, showing off his lean figure. The only thing ruining the look was the sloppily tied bowtie. Kris reached out and quickly retied it for him, making Tao look presentable. He looked up from his work to realize how close he was standing to Tao. He could count each individual lash and stare into his clear brown eyes.

A cough behind them had Tao and Kris turning to find Kyungsoo looking at them with a sweet smile. “Ready to go?”

“Uh yeah. Let’s go.” Kris walked away, not looking back at the two.

Confused, Tao looked at Kyungsoo who had a gleam in his eye. “Don’t worry. Let’s get going. Don’t want to keep your aunt waiting.”

“Wait, what??!?! My AUNT’S going to be there?” Tao’s face paled.

“Come on, Tao. Let’s go.” Yixing and Kyungsoo took one of Tao’s arms and pulled him towards the waiting car.

The party was held in the ballroom of one of the top hotels in the area. Everyone was dressed in their best formal wear. The jewels adorning the many ladies present glittered under the giant chandelier. The strong scents of perfume and cologne mixing together greeted their noses as the group of seven walked into the room.

Everyone stopped to turn and stare. Then the whispers started. Tao started to take a step back but a hand at his waist stopped him. He turned slightly to notice Kris was the one holding him in place. He was tempted to fight against the touch but that wouldn’t have been proper. At that moment, something caught all their attentions.

From the crowd of partiers, one person stood out above the rest.

“Darling! You’re here.” A beautiful woman dressed in a floor length white dress with a slit up the side walked towards them. She came over and hugged Tao tightly. “You look marvelous, so…so handsome.”

The landlady kissed Tao on each cheek. “Come, come. Let me show you around. Come along, boys. I need handsome men around me to make me seem more beautiful.”

The landlady laughed as the guys looked at each other. They awkwardly chuckled a bit but followed the landlady around. She introduced them to all the wealthy and famous people in the room, taking great pride in the looks she received from everyone. Kyungsoo and Yixing was surprised the landlady knew who they were.

As the night continued on, the seven guys sat at their own table, enjoying their meal as people continued to whisper about them. The landlady had gone off to mingle with the guests. A few of the more curious and gossipy guests would stop by the table to talk to one of the guys. They would politely converse but always keep personal details to themselves.

As sons of rich families, Suho, Kai, and Kyungsoo were well versed in the art of small talk, making polite conversation and never revealing personal details. Yixing had a sweet personality, very personable; he was a natural, able to talk to everyone without revealing any personal details. Luhan was very nervous but he had such a bright and friendly personality, he got along well with all the guests. Many of the female guests loved to coo over him; he was quite the flower boy in his white suit and pale pink bowtie. Kris was the silent type, choosing to keep a blank expression as people tried to converse with him but failing. He had that air of mystery all the guests loved. Many guests would come up to him to talk but he’d freeze them out.

Tao looked around at everyone and decided to follow Kris’ example, sure he wouldn’t be able to converse with anyone even after all of Yixing, Kyungsoo, Suho, and Luhan’s training the night before. He concentrated on eating his food and sometimes nodding in acknowledgement to people but not saying a word.

“May I have this dance?” A tall, smiling gentleman stood behind Tao. Tao looked a bit confused but accepted, placing his hand in the outstretched gentleman’s. Yixing and Kyungsoo shared a look. They looked at Kris and noticed his slightly darkened expression. They then turned to see Tao and the gentleman getting ready for a waltz, the gentleman pulling Tao closer than necessary. Yixing and Kyungsoo snuck a peek at Kris to see his clenched jaw. They quietly giggled and prepared to enjoy the show.

Tao tried to keep his emotions off his face but his dance partner was so charming, he couldn’t help but smile a few times at him. At the end of the song, before he could thank his partner, his partner lifted Tao’s hand and kissed the back of it.

Tao blushed and would’ve said something but found himself being pulled away into someone else’s embrace. He turned his head and found Kris’ face right next to his.

“The next dance is mine.”

Tao kept his head down as Kris moved them into position. It was a slow song, Tao forgot what dance it was, but it probably didn’t involve Kris holding him so close. He could feel the hard length of Kris’ body pressed against him, no matter how they moved. Sometimes he was able to catch a glimpse of the other partygoers and noticed his aunt looking very carefully at them. A few times, she was next to Yixing and Kyungsoo, whispering something to them.

Tao kept his head turned, normally looking at Kris’ neck, which was a nice neck he kind of wanted to kiss. The music was relaxing and being close to Kris like this was actually very soothing.

Tao stayed close to Kris even as the song ended. He turned his head to find Kris staring right into his face. His cheeks heated but he didn’t move away. A tap on his shoulder caused Tao to turn and find his partner from before.

“Care to dance with me again?”

Tao was about to open his mouth to respond when he was tugged away. He turned to see Kris pulling him off the dance floor and out the door to the patio. He found himself in a secluded spot with Kris. “Um…Kris? What are you doing?”

Kris said nothing, just stared into Tao’s eyes. Before he could make a move, they were interrupted.

“There you two are. Oh, oops, did I interrupt something?” The landlady smiled. The other guys were standing behind her looking at them, various expressions on their face.

Kris straightened up, face blank, as he looked at the group. “So are we done here?”

“I guess I can let you guys go. You’ve done a good job, the four of you. Tao, we must meet for lunch one day.”

“Of course, aunt.” Tao gave her a smile. “Well, if you’ll excuse us, this party isn’t really my taste and I’d rather be home.”

“Oh yes, of course.” Tao’s aunt winked at him. “Now be off with you.”

The seven of them left the party as politely as they could. But somehow Kris and Tao ended up in a car alone. Tao looked at his hands as an awkward tension filled the air.

“So uh…what was that about?”

“Hmmm?” Kris turned to look at Tao still looking at his hands.

“What was all that dragging and-and-“

“Oh that.” Kris’ cheeks flushed a bit. “Well…uh, let’s just say my emotions got the better of me.”

“And what emotions are that?”

“These.” Kris turned Tao’s head towards his and placed his lips on top of his. Tao’s eyes widened right before he fell back from the strength of his nosebleed.

“What the hell?!?!!?” Kris stared at Tao’s unconscious body, blood dripping out of his nose. Kris heaved a giant sigh but a slight smile tugged at his lips. “Still so cute. But Yixing is probably going to be upset at the ruined suit.”

Kris ruffled a hand through Tao’s hair and headed home, already bracing himself for the interrogation.
Tags: !fanfic, genre: fluff, genre: romance, pairing: kai/d.o., pairing: kris/tao, pairing: suho/lay, rating: pg-13

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