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KTStyleFest 2014: "SpookFest Halloween Special" Reveals


The SpookFest Special has finally ended and even with only a few entries that got posted, the mods are ever so thankful that this round has been a success. We understand that writing / drawing about the supernatural or anything horrific in particular is quite a feat, and we are very happy that those who've joined delivered immensely. If we're not mistaken, this is the first Spooky / Horrific fic fest in history of fic fests, so let's all give ourselves a little pat on the back for a job well done!

Here are a few words from the mod:

paranoiascreams: Hi! First of all, I would like to say that I worked a bit alone for this fest because my co-mod and baby baoxiu is a very hardworking student and she deserves to get some rest and focus on her studies. All the encouragement and continuous moral support is immensely appreciated (and I'm really thankful to you when you posted the fics when I couldn't!) To paulaaaaa for the graphic, thank you so much. ^__^

Secondly, to the participants, we (in behalf of baoxiu) are very happy with all the entries you've delievered. We apologize if we have not been as active as we should have when we did the fest, and the reason was because I, paranoiascreams , will be flying to Seoul in 2 weeks, personally, I have been busy every day to prepare for my 1-week vacation. Sorry. TT_TT Anyways, moving on!

Let's have a recap for the postings:

Total number of entries: 16
Total number of fics: 13
Total number of artworks: 3

Total wordcount: 82, 626 words

We may not have the biggest number of participants, but we are so grateful for everything you guys have sent and submitted for this fest! The fics and art are all amazing! Participants, you may now crosspost your fic to your accounts and pimp it wherever you'd like! Remember, we'll never stop loving KT~

Below are the authors/fanartists behind the amazing entries submitted for the fest:

♠ DAY 1 - 31 OCTOBER 2014 ♠

#001 - Let Me Ensnare You (In My Web) [Prompt: Mythology] by jukukira
R | 4,953 words | Kris/Tao
Why why why did Yifan, of all people, fall in love with Zitao?

#002 - The Hitchhiker [Prompt: Mythology] by paranoiascreams

PG-13 | 1,078 words | Kris/Tao
Giving someone a hitch is more than what Tao and Kris bargained for.

#003 - He Smells of Daisies [Prompt: Urban Legends – The Mysterious Lady] by redestroyed
PG-13 | 2590 words | Kris/Tao
It was pain. It was bitterness. It was tears. It was sadness.

♠ DAY 2 - 01 NOVEMBER 2014 ♠

#004 - Insanity [Prompt: Urban Legends – The White Death] by tiara_jade
NC-17 | 3,770 words | Kris/Tao
Yifan never believed in the supernatural

#005 - All Beauty Must Die [Prompt: Urban Legends - Elisa Day] by migki
PG | ART | Kris/Tao

#006 - Beat The Meat [Prompt: Mythology] by afterwejump
PG-13 | 1, 358 words | Kris/Suho, Tao
Tao invites Yifan and Joonmyun for a very special dinner

#007 - No One Mourns The Wicked [Prompt: Urban Legends – Maria Labo] by xpromochan

NC-17 | 8,249 words | Kris/Tao, Kai, Taemin
“It’s Saturday. The boys don’t go to school on Saturdays.”

♠ DAY 3 - 02 NOVEMBER 2014 ♠

#008 - Wanderer Wu Catches a Ghost [Prompt: Mythology] by bookishvice
NC-17 | 3,499 words | Kris/Tao, minor Chanyeol/Baekhyun
Yifan is a wanderer. Nothing has ever stopped him from traveling from place to place, even at night, not even silly ghost folktales. But on the full moon night of Zhong Yuan Jie(2), Yifan learns that not all tales are false.

#009 - La Saudade [Prompt: Urban Legends - The Midnight Bus] by
PG | 4,736 words | Kris/Tao
Zitao jerks awake as the bus rumbles over a pothole and his temple smacks against the glass of the bus window.

#010 - Let Me In [Prompt: Horror Flicks - Let Me In] by vblah
PG | Art | Kris/Tao

#011 - Night Stalker [Prompt: Mythology] by hzttttao
NC-17 | 1,506 words | Kris/Tao
Wendigo has been trying to kill a particularly delicious-looking victim for some time now, but it hasn't worked out, so he decides to seduce him first.

♠ DAY 4 - 03 NOVEMBER 2014 ♠

#012 - Shutter [Prompt: Horror Flicks - SHUTTER] by sanox
PG-13 | 2,607 words | Kris/Tao
After a horrible hit-and-run, guilt follows Tao everywhere. It’s the fact that Tao would have realistic nightmares about the person he had run over, wanting to kill Tao himself. But the truth is, the story of the person is much deeper, something Tao would never have expected.

#013 - Good Evening [Prompt: Urban Legend - Balete Drive] by wingedfawn

PG | Art | Kris/Tao

#014 - Back For You [Prompt: Urban Legends – The Greek Soldier] by amiyourprincess
PG-13 | 14, 711 words | Kris/Tao
A body was lying in the concrete road with blood everywhere close to the head. Whoever the body belonged to must have wished for an instant death. Those lips that were smiling now set in a straight line. Cheeks devoid of blood and the once bright eyes were now closed. Forever. Someone who had exuded so much life now breathes no longer.

#015 - Unilluminated [Prompt: Horror Flicks - The Eye] by bluedreaming
PG-13 | 6,902 words | Kris/Tao
For Zitao, being blind doesn't mean living in the shadows, and seeing isn't all that it's said to be. Sometimes it's better in the dark, even if you have a hand to hold.

#016 - Enlightenment [Prompt: Mythology] by brightstar32
NC-17 | 28, 500 words | Kris/Tao
When he comes from the stone face, he will judge your worthiness. He will spread his terrible wings, bare his powerful fangs, while the death rattle in his throat seeks to frighten away the demons at your feet.
So tell me...are you enlightened enough to confess your love to my god?

Hooray! Now that you know who wrote your favorite entry for this fest, feel free to drop your message here (as we wouldn't have any separate friending meme post) and don't be shy, show the participants how much they deserve all of the support, hugs and victory cookies for giving us an amazing KTSTYLEFEST!

P.S.: We would love to hear from you! Do you want the fest to continue on and should we have another fest in the future, what should the theme be? We'd love it to be unique and something brand new! Tell us below and we'll see what we can do!
Friending meme format:


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