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[fic] #020 - Dance With Me

Title: Dance With Me
Prompt: #12 – Feisty by Jhameel
Pairing(s): Tao/Kris, mentioned Luhan/Sehun
Summary: Kris is dragged to a club where he gets more than he hoped, thanks to one very sensual dancer.
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): a kind of dominating Tao and slightly submissive Kris (or well dominating Tao and submissive Kris but Tao still bottoms)
Word Count: 2729
Author's Notes: sorry there was no awkward seduction but kris was just awkwardly standing there, does that count? And I tried to include the d/s elements but not sure it came through too well. Kris is an awkward pole who listens very well. That is all.

“Come on, it’ll be good for you.” Luhan hovered over Kris’ shoulder as Kris tried to finish his assignment.

“Not tonight, Lu.”

“Yes, tonight. It’s perfect. You’re about done with both your assignment and school and you haven’t been laid for a month. You need to get out there. Your dick can’t keep seeing your hand all this time. It needs some other action.”

“What the hell, Luhan?!?!?!” Kris stared at Luhan like he was crazy.

“Oh puh-lease, don’t try that on me. Not only are we best friends, but we’re roommates. I know it doesn’t take you over an hour to shower, even with your skincare routine.” Luhan draped himself over Kris’ back. “So what do you say friend? This club is great and I can get us in for free. Just come on, you need to get out. You’ve been inside for so long.”

Kris sighed. “Fine, if it’ll get you off my back.”

“Great.” Luhan grinned. “I already picked out an outfit for you. It’s lying on your bed. Just shower and change and leave the rest up to me.”

Kris ignored the feeling of dread creeping down his spine.

He was right as he stood before the club in black skintight leather pants and form-fitted mesh top while Luhan sidled up to the bouncer. A quick whisper in his ear and the two were entering the dimly lit club. The décor was simple but elegant; Kris could tell this was one of the more high-end clubs.

“Come on, I could use a drink.” With practiced ease, Luhan maneuvered the two of them through the crowd towards the bar at the side. “Hey Xing, give us two of your strongest drinks. This one here needs to loosen up.”

The bartender, whom Kris assumed to be Xing, smiled at them. “Sure thing. And by the way, your boy is here, Luhan. He arrived just a few moments after you. Should be heading over here in 5…4…3…2…”

“Hey there, beautiful.” A tall lean man came up behind Luhan, his arm coming around Luhan’s waist.

“1.” Xing smiled as he looked at the man standing behind Luhan. “The usual?”

“Yeah. So what brings you here, sexy?”

“Oh,” Luhan looked up from beneath his lashes, “just bringing a friend out to relax. Sehun, meet Kris, my best friend and hermit for the last month.”

Kris looked the guy up and down before accepting his handshake. “Hi.”

“Hey there,” Sehun nodded his head before turning to look at Luhan, “so wanna dance?”

“Just one second.” Luhan grabbed his drink and downed it in one go. “Alright, let’s go.”

His hand slipped into Sehun’s as he led them towards the dance floor. Kris was left alone at the bar, nursing his drink, which tasted delicious, meaning it was probably full of alcohol. His eyes moved around the room, taking in the people before catching on one particular dancer. He was dressed all in black, toned arms shown off to perfection by the loose black tank and skintight jeans showing the toned legs. He moved with fluidity and grace to the beat of the music. Although the floor was crowded, he seemed to have all the room he needed to move his body in such fluid, sensual ways.

The dancer looked up, showing off the lean face with piercing eyes. The dark circles beneath softened his look a bit but not much. Kris held his breath, as the dancer’s lips seemed to curve up in a smile as his eyes locked with his. With slow measured steps, the dancer moved across the dance floor until he was standing directly in front of Kris.


Kris gulped, mouth suddenly dry. The dancer looked more handsome up close. “H-Hi.”

“Care to dance?”

“Uh…” Kris turned and found his glass refilled. He grabbed it and downed it in one go. The dancer looked at him with amusement in his eyes. “Yeah…sure.”

The dancer smiled, his hand circling around Kris’ wrist to bring him towards the dance floor. They moved past all the grinding bodies to stand near the center of the floor. The dancer let go of Kris’ wrist and began to move to the music. Kris stood there, unsure of what to do as he watched the dancer move.

“Come on…dance.” The dancer smiled as his hands trailed up Kris’ chest. Before Kris could wrap his arms around him and pull him close, the dancer moved back with a grin and a wave of his finger.

Kris just stood there and watched as the dancer continued to sway with the beat. He let the music in and slowly moved his body along. He wasn’t much of a dancer, typically known as an awkward pole when dancing, as his limbs moved in ways no one could understand.

Amusement lit the dancer’s eyes as he watched Kris move awkwardly to the beat. It was a mix of clumsy arm movements and awkward leg jerks. A few times it looked like Kris was trying to be sexy with a hip thrust but his hips jerked too much to be considered sexy. The dancer took pity on him and slowly pressed his body against him.

“Here, let me help you.” Hands settled on Kris’ hips and guided his body to move along with the dancer’s.

“By the way,” The dancer leaned up a bit, placing his lips right by Kris’ ears, “since I don’t make it a habit to touch strangers, my name is Tao. What’s yours?”

“Kris.” Kris heaved out a shaky breath. Tao’s body was so warm, pressed up against him. He could feel the toned muscles and the hidden strength even in the gentle press of their bodies. The music changed but their bodies didn’t, still swaying gently, but Tao pressed himself closer.

Tao’s eyes lit up as his hips pressed close to Kris. There was no mistaking the growing bulge in his pants, given how tight his pants were. Tao’s hands tightened a bit on Kris’ hips as he ground his hips tighter against Kris.

Kris gasped a bit, his hands coming up to grip Tao’s waist. Tao did it again, pulling another little gasp from Kris. He repeated his movement until there was a sizable bulge in Kris’ pants.

Tao leaned up, lips barely an inch from Kris’ ear, “Want to come home with me? I can teach you to dance better.”

Kris turned his head to place his lips by Tao’s ear. “What? You don’t like my dancing?”

Tao smirked. “Your hips need to be more flexible and I have just the exercise for that.”

He ground his hips against Kris, pulling a small moan from the other.

Tao grinned, hand coming down to grip Kris’ tightly as he pulled him from the crowd. Kris sent a quick text to Luhan so he wouldn’t worry but spotted him in a corner making out with Sehun. He would’ve interrupted but Tao was already pulling him out the door into the cool night air.

It was a quick taxi ride back to Tao’s apartment. The elevator ride was silent, Tao standing close to Kris, hands subtly moving over his body at random times. They walked down the hall, hand-in-hand, before stopping at a door. Tao unlocked and pulled them inside, locking the door after them.

“Make yourself comfortable. Want something to drink?”

“Uh no, I’m okay.” Kris toed off his shoes and wandered further into the apartment. It was decently sized and moderately furnished. “You live here alone?”

“Nope, but my roommate is out for now. So we have the place to ourselves. That okay?”

“Uh huh…” Kris turned around and gaped. Tao had stripped off his shirt, showing off his sculpted torso. As he continued to stare, Tao took of his pants, standing in his black boxer briefs. “Um…”

“I hope you don’t mind. This will help you see how the body should move when dancing.”

“Um…okay…” Kris just stood there as Tao walked over, hands grabbing the bottom of his shirt. “Wh-what are you doing?”

“You need to lose the clothes too. Or did you forget what I promised?”

“Um…” Kris could only stand there as Tao removed all his clothes except for his boxer briefs. He sucked in a breath whenever Tao’s hands grazed over his hard cock.

“You’ve got such a nice body. How do you not know how to dance?” Tao chuckled as he ran his hands over Kris’ naked torso. Kris shuddered and fisted his hands. Tao grabbed Kris’ fisted hands and gently uncurled them, placing one of his hip and the other on his ass. “You know it’s okay to touch.”

“Um…” Kris couldn’t seem to think at all. Tao’s ass felt like heaven in his hands. His other hand reached down and gently squeezed.

Tao grinned and treated Kris to the same.

“So…” Tao leaned up, tongue flicking out to lick at Kris’ neck, “want to work on those hip exercises?”


Tao chuckled low, placing a kiss on Kris’ neck. “So indecisive.”

Tao reached down, grabbing Kris’ hand and pulling him towards the bedroom. With a gentle shove, he pushed Kris onto the bed. Kris raised himself up on his elbows and gaped when Tao pushed down his briefs. He gulped, seeing Tao’s hard length.

Tao looked at Kris from beneath his lashes and smirked. He climbed onto the bed, climbing over Kris. Keeping his eyes on Kris, he leaned down, teeth hooking into the waistband of Kris’ briefs. It took some maneuvering but Tao was able to pull Kris’ briefs off, tossing them aside. His eyes lit up, seeing Kris’ sizable erection. He licked his lips, excited to feel it.

Tao wrapped his hands around it and gave it a gentle pull. Kris groaned, hips arching off the bed. “Well…seems like your hips do know how to move but I think you need a bit more practice.”

Tao’s eyes lit up as he bent over, tongue coming out to lick the tip. Kris’ hips shot up again, causing Tao to reach out an arm to hold him still. “Uh, uh, uh, none of that now.”

“But didn’t you say –“

“Yes but you need to learn to control your hips. Just because you can move them well doesn’t mean anything. You need to learn control and timing.” Tao grinned. “Think you can keep your hips still?”

Kris gave a shaky nod.

“Alright.” Tao lifted his arm and dipped his head down again, lips wrapping around the tip of Kris’ cock. Kris held his body tight as Tao took more of him in until Tao was essentially deepthroating him. Kris shook with how much effort he was exerting not to thrust his hips as Tao sucked and licked him for all he was worth.

Tao pulled off, some spit dribbling down his chin. “Mmmm…that’s good.”

He gave one last lick to Kris’ tip and sat up. He ran a hand over Kris’ body, feeling it tremble. His hand brushed over Kris’ erection and he noticed Kris biting his bottom lip hard.

Tao leaned over, pressing a light kiss to Kris’ lips. “Aww, you’re so cute, listening to my instructions. Didn’t know you could be so obedient. It’s…arousing to say the least.”

Tao nipped at Kris’ bottom lip, who parted his mouth, letting Tao slip his tongue inside. Their tongues curled together, licking into each other’s mouth, before Tao pulled away. He trailed his tongue down Kris’ neck, down his chest, back to his cock. He swirled his tongue around the head of Kris’ cock before getting up from the bed.

Tao headed towards his drawers, opening one and pulling out two items. He came back, tossing one on the bed as he straddled Kris’ waist.

Kris watched as Tao uncapped the bottle of lube, spreading a generous amount on his fingers. Then Tao reached behind him, slipping his fingers inside. A moan fell from Tao’s lips as he fingered himself.

Kris watched, cock hardening at the arousing sight above him.

Tao grinned as he pulled his fingers out. He grabbed the condom, unwrapping it and putting it onto Kris’ cock. He grabbed the lube and dribbled a generous amount onto Kris’ dick. Spreading the lube around, Tao positioned himself above Kris and slid down onto his cock.

Twin groans filled the room as Tao settled himself on top of Kris. He waited, poised as his body adjusted to the intrusion. Bracing his weight on his legs and arms, Tao grinned down at Kris. “Alright, let’s see if you can put those hips to good use. Show me if you’ve learned anything.”

Kris gave one teasing small thrust.

“Well that’s a start. How about something a little harder?” Pushing his hips hard off the bed, Kris rammed his cock into Tao’s hole.

“Oh gawd, that’s good.” Tao bent forward, placing his lips just a centimeter from Kris. “Now give me all you got. If you need to, hold my waist, only my waist.”

Kris settled his hands of Tao’s waist as his hips began to move at a steady pace. He took his cues from Tao, changing his pace whenever Tao moaned or groaned. He watched as Tao began to writhe on top of him. He slowed his hips when he could sense Tao nearing from how tight he was getting.

Tao opened his eyes to look at Kris. “Kris…”

“Shh…trust me.” Kris allowed a corner of his mouth to lift in a small smirk as he gave a particularly hard thrust up into Tao, pushing said boy forward. Their teeth banged uncomfortably.

Tao sat up and slightly glared at him. “Well…someone still doesn’t know how to control his hips or is it his arms this time? Do we need to stop?”

Kris vehemently shook his head. “No, no, I’m sorry. I’ll do better next time.”

“Oh really?” Tao arched a brow. “Then make me come untouched. If you can do it, then you pass the test. And I’m staying on top.”

Tao raised himself off of Kris, allowing Kris’ cock to slip out of his hole as he arranged himself comfortably above Kris. “Now show me you have control. You can only touch me to get yourself in but after that, no more touching, got it?”

Kris nodded his head. He gently placed one hand of Tao’s hip as he guided his cock back into Tao’s hole. Once he was seated comfortably inside, Kris let go of Tao. Going at a steady pace, Kris thrust up into Tao. Watching Tao carefully, he increased and decreased his pace, sometimes switching the angle of his thrusts until one gasp caught Kris’ attention.

Biting his bottom lip, Kris aimed repeatedly for that spot, causing Tao to tremble with restrained passion above him. Tao balled his hands into fists, trying hard not to touch himself as Kris repeatedly thrust into his prostate.

Kris saw Tao biting his bottom lip as his hole tightened around Kris’ cock. His hips sped up, increasing in speed and strength.

Tao gritted his teeth, using all this strength to stay still as his orgasm neared. He came, spilling onto Kris’ chest.

Kris came a few moments later, spilling inside the condom. He slumped down on the bed, cock slipping out of Tao’s hole.

Tao gave a quiet chuckle as he gingerly climbed off Kris. With care, he removed and tossed the condom. He grabbed some tissues and began to clean his cum from Kris’ chest. When everything was relatively clean, Tao climbed onto the bed, snuggling into Kris’ side. “Well, you definitely have the potential. We’ll have to go to the club tomorrow and see if you learned anything.”

Kris just gave a sleepy satisfied smile. “As long as you’re with me, sure.”

“Oh count on that.” Tao grinned, pressing a kiss to Kris’ lips.

The two fell asleep cuddled close together.

The next night, the two headed towards the club where a grinning Luhan, Sehun already attached to him, was waiting at the bar for them. All eyes were on Kris as he showed off what a good student he was, hips moving so sinfully with Tao’s, everyone was popping a boner in the club. Tao rewarded Kris with another session, going at it twice before passing out at the crack of dawn, lazy contented smiles on their face, hands clasped tightly together.
Tags: !fanfic, genre: smut, pairing: kris/tao, pairing: sehun/luhan, rating: nc-17

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